Me and my wife had a great time kayaking in Magical and beautiful sites at the Taurus sea! Barbaros is most kind, he made us feel really confortable and gave us lots of interesting information about the Lychian and Turkish culture (wich made even more enjoyable the excursion), a true profesional and nice person. It has been great taking the visit, I am totally happy! Thank's again Barbaros!

Reviewed August 20, 2018

Awesome tour ! Loved discovering kekova's beautiful surroundings with the kayak, plus we were only a small group which made the experience even more enjoyable. Barbaros is super nice and very knowledgeable, we learned a lot about the Turkish history and had lots of fun!

Date of experience: August 2018

Reviewed November 2, 2018 via mobile

We did the sea kayaking as a couple in September and it was brilliant! Barbados was an excellent guide. We got lucky and were the only ones on the tour so it was a nice private day! Unbelievable value and the lunch was amazing too!! Would definitely recommend!! Thanks (sorry for the delay reviewing

Date of experience: September 2018

Reviewed August 28, 2018 via mobile

Barbaros was very laid back and fun to be around as well as knowledgable about the history and the region. Nothing was too much trouble. A day on a turquoise sea paddling over ancient ruins and jumping in the water. What’s not to love?!

Date of experience: August 2018
Reviewed October 10, 2018 via mobile

I enjoyed the whole kayaking experience we had a wonderful tour guide that explained all about the region and we also had a great lunch and we stopped by beautiful spots for swimming . Totally worth it .

Date of experience: September 2018
Reviewed August 29, 2018 via mobile

The kayak tour was as fun as it was interesting. Our guide Barbaros ensured that we all had a great time and came away with a great understanding of the history of Kekova and the surrounding environment. In addition to his supreme historical knowledge, Barbaros gave great advice on how to refine our paddling technique, this was much appreciated, especially towards the last hour when our arms began to get heavy! In addition to a fantastic guide, lunch was included in the overall price and it was absolutely delicious, made more so by the picturesque setting of the restaurant- we sat on a balcony overlooking the sea and were even lucky enough to see two turtles during our meal. Overall the day was awesome and we would highly recommend.

Date of experience: August 2018


Reviewed October 1, 2018

De beste manier om de omgeving van Kekova te ontdekken. Al kayakend in kleine groep met de uitstekende gids Barboros.
Barbaros is heel sympathiek, heeft veel ervaring en weet heel veel over de geschiedenis van de omgeving. Ook over andere buitensportactiviteiten in de omgeving heeft hij veel goede tips.
Zeker doen!!


Reviewed September 24, 2018

My daughter and I had a great day kayaking with Barbaros at Kekova. Its a beautiful spot for a kayak trip and Barbaros is a great guide - really knowledgeable about the history and really good at looking after a group with mixed kayaking experience. He was very flexible and let us have single boats as we have a little experience and don't paddle well together in a double! Lunch was delicious and in a beautiful spot. All together a great day out and a much better way to see the local area than on a big tour boat.


Reviewed October 23, 2018 via mobile



PS. 土耳其飯店基本八點半開始供早餐,早餐可以在小鎮中心的Çınaraltı Cafe & Bistro解決。






最終回到出發地點已經是三點多的事了,其實整個行程大約四五個小時可以結束,但我們實在太弱,Barbaros 無奈被我們困住,只好放任英國小情侶狠甩我們十條街



"Soft soothing canoe experience"
 Oct 23, 2018  chenhanhan75, Taichung, Taiwan
The small town of Kasho is the most unforgettable stop in the whole self-help line! The canoe's itinerary was included in our itinerary early, not only because of the mystery of the ancient city of Kekova, but also because of its own strength to wander in the blue Mediterranean. In October, the card has entered the off-season. At 8:30 in the morning, when we gathered in the center of the town, there were only three Taiwanese and a couple of British couples. PS. The Turkish Hotel starts with breakfast at 8:30, and breakfast can be settled at the Çınaraltı Cafe & Bistro in the town centre. The guide barbaros English is quite good and knowledgeable. From the 40 minutes of the card to Kaleüçağız, I heard a lot of interesting historical stories and human customs. The scenery along the way is also very exciting. Canoeing is a full day trip, Barbaros knows that we have not had time to eat breakfast, especially we must prepare some food to replenish energy. There is a grocery store near the launching point, and there are toilets nearby (for a fee), you can buy it again. There are two rest points for the whole canoe trip. The first point is a small harbor. You can swim in the water. The nearby Kekova is a protected area. Any underwater activities including swimming are prohibited. The first rest point! There are also ruined monuments on the hillside next to it. It is better to go to the commanding heights with the shoes; then it is to go to the sinking city Kekova, the wind is big, our course is blown by the chaos, but Barbaros is very hooded, the rope is pulling The ship is paralyzed, it is a human flesh motor. For lunch, eat the dishes at Kaleköy's unrivalled sea view restaurant. Pay attention to the cost of the drink. It takes about an hour to eat and have free time to eat. The restaurant has an ice cream cart and is delicious. It’s already more than three o'clock to go back to the starting point. In fact, the whole trip can be completed in about four or five hours, but we are too weak. Barbaros is helpless and we are trapped. We have to let the British couples slap us ten streets. : This is the next time we want to participate in the event, and named Barbaros! The exchange rate in 2018 fluctuated greatly. We booked around 200 lira through travel agencies for your reference.
Date of experience: October 2018

Reviewed September 9, 2018 via mobile

We had an amazing day with Barbaros on the water. Everything was very well organized and the equipment was excellent. Barbaros is a great who knows a lot about the region but also about Turkey in general. I would definitely recommend this trip. It's great fun and the surrounding is beautiful. The lunch was also very nice:)